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Afterfact.jpg is a channel dedicated to sharing compelling stories and people. Going beyond the headlines to share a glimpse into what happens after the curtains close.

Valentino Balboni is a retired Lamborghini test driver. He started at Lamborghini sweeping floors, and worked his way up to be the chief test driver for the company. He takes us on a drive up Tantalus in the classic 1962 Lamborghini 400GT he completely restored, and tells us about his small beginnings before Lamborghini became his life.

Kaliq Rashad is the master barber behind Sixty-One, at Velocity Honolulu. He shares his philosophy behind the barber shop and style. Kaliq believes in more than just clippers and a close shave at his establishment. 

When you do Italian food in Hawaii you end up with more than just pasta. Chef Rodney Uyehara shares his humble beginnings at a pizza shop before becoming an executive chef. As an islander he brings a touch of Hawaiiana to Viaggio’s Italian-inspired cuisine.

Kamea Hadar is well known in Hawaii for his beautiful murals and artwork, which can be found in Honolulu and around the world. But Kamea doesn’t stop at murals, this time he’s painting a Lamborghini Huracan. Kamea shares his renaissance-inspired style as we watch him add gold leaf to the car live at Festa Italia in Kakaako, Honolulu.

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