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Hawaii Through Time is supported by grants and viewers like you.

Mahalo nui loa for your support!

Hawai'i Through Time is a web-series incorporating the oral, written, and photographic history of the Hawaiian Islands, reaching back from ancient times to the present day.

Episodes will document the historic sites, objects, food, culture, and people who have made their mark.  With in-depth interviews featuring experts in their fields, archived photographs and present day footage, each video vignette will document the subject’s place in Hawai'i’s history, and will be an educational resource for all ages.

We are seeking local historians, residents, and educators with a deep knowledge of Hawai'i’s history to share their stories with generations to come.

Growing up on the Hawai'ian Islands, we’ve witnessed Hawai'i’s history getting lost to time, confined to the pages of books, historical archives, and the stories of our Kupuna. We founded Hawai'i Through Time to document and share this rich history with the next generation.


Please join us on this journey and help us bring these stories to life.

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