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Who We Are

Fixed Flight Films specializes in filming compelling narratives, news, companies, and people. We work with our clients to bring their stories to life through film.

​Full production video and photo services based on individual client needs. We are also available to provide aerial inspection services for industrial and construction clients.

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Shaun Goo

Fixed Flights Director and Cinematographer. Born in Hawaii, Shaun has worked in media production for over ten years. With a passion for documentaries, landscapes, and people, Shaun has worked with local industry leaders including Anthology, Modern Luxury, Olomana Loomis, and Hawaii Gas to bring stories and ideas to life.

Shaun spends his time hiking the jungles of Manoa, and  exploring Honolulu's constantly changing community, culture, and its food.

Graham Henderson

Producer and Writer, Graham is a tinkerer and radio control enthusiast. He turned his passion into a career by becoming an FAA certified drone pilot after graduating from San Francisco State University in California with a bachelor’s in journalism.

An outdoor enthusiast his whole life, Graham finds inspiration in exploring places far off the beaten path, using aerial video and photos to capture the planet and its stories from a unique and creative perspective.

Deanna Rose
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Deanna is our office manager, taking care of all the little details behind the scenes to make operations run smoothly. She adopted an early love of tech while growing up in her family's large electronics shop, and graduated with a degree in business from Bentley University. 


As an aspiring photographer, Deanna loves to capture Hawaii's lush jungle scapes and macro shots of the island's colorful local flora. 

Our Clients
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